About us


who we are

we are a high profile CRO established for the management and conduction of excellence of clinical studies of high technical and scientific content, requiring special regulatory and clinical care
we are a well established and dynamic group, in continuous education and training, in continuous search for innovative solutions , stimulated by problems that challenge problem solving ability

how we work

our characteristics are team working, dynamic flow of information and true attention to training and updating
we operate with rigour and flexibility, in continuous contact and co-operation with sites and sponsor, achieving sound results in full compliance with ICH-GCP and all international and local rules and regulations
our services are addressed to sponsors who believe that outsourced clinical studies must be managed with the same care and personalisation which would have been dedicated by the sponsor, with effective and continuous reciprocal contributions
we offer tailored services of excellence , as different clinical trials and different sponsor needs require equal care but personalised solutions